Sacraments Record Release Request

A person requesting his or her own sacramental record or certificate may:

  • Make the request in person by providing parish personnel with a signed Sacrament Record Release Request form along with proof of identity (photo ID).

  • Make the request in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail. Such written request must include the signature or the requesting party (e-mail requests must attach a document, e.g. in PDF format, exhibiting a signature). All written requests for sacramental records must also contain substantiating information (e.g. name of parents, date of birth) so that legitimacy of the request can be ascertained.

A person requesting a family member's sacramental record or certificate (e.g., the parent of a minor child requesting that child's sacramental information or an adult child of an infirm or deceased parent), if unknown to the pastor or authorized delegate, must provide proof of guardianship, power of attorney or executor status along with the signed record request, following procedures described in b) above.

No sacramental certificate is issued for genealogical research purpose.

If you have any questions regarding the request of your own sacramental record(s), please contact the parish office at (480) 838-7474 as we will be happy to assist you with the request process. Please allow 1-2 business days for your sacrament records request to be processed.

This Sacrament Records Release Policy is set by the Diocese of Phoenix.