Hospitality Ministry - Ushers

Ushers are responsible for preparing the worship area, greeting the community, gathering the community’s offering, and seating people.

The commitment is for weekend and holy day Masses. Training session is required. For upcoming training session calendar, email:

The role of the Usher in today’s church community is more important than ever before because the church in now more aware of hospitality at the celebration of the Eucharist which we call the Mass. We ushers, as part of the community of worshipers, are called to be a Minister of Hospitality because we serve the community at Holy Sprit Church by:

  • Welcoming parishioners and visitors by making each person feel comfortable, as Jesus himself would welcome us with a greeting,

  • Creating an atmosphere of friendliness and love that builds up the body of Christ,

  • Sharing our faith as Christians and members of the community when listening, praying and singing during the Mass,

  • Caring for those people who have special needs, such as, the sick, elderly, and the needy (crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs),

  • Giving each person a personal farewell as they depart.

  • Gathering and securing the collections.

  • Guiding the Gift Bearers.

We ushers, as ministers of hospitality, must have the natural gift of hospitality since we are the first and the last persons that most of the worshiping community comes in contact with during the Mass. We are the ones to whom young children and adults look as adult Christian models, and representatives of Holy Spirit Church.